Books that resonate with your interests and preferences are priceless. Often, we come across books that capture our interests and garner our hearts. These books are sometimes hard to find. But once you come across them, life gets a tad bit better. We at Recz understand this. So, we bring you some of the best books that will pique your interest and get you hooked. Recz is the best book recommendation website that only deals in the best stuff. Read on to learn more about the best books that are suggested by the best recommendation website.

Books that Resonate With Your Interests

1. The God of Small Things

The God of Small Things is an Indian novel that has won several awards. It is the debut novel of author Arundhati Roy. The God of Small Things is a family drama novel. This book depicts the story of two fraternal twins. It showcases their childhood experiences and how their lives were disrupted by the “Love Laws,” which were a part of the society in 1960s Kerala, India.

This book also explores how small and insignificant moments and experiences shape people’s behavior in significant ways. According to the reports, Roy began writing the manuscript of this book back in 1992. She finished writing this book in the year 1996. It is one of the best novels in India and is suggested by the best book recommendation website, Recz.

2. A Fine Balance

A Fine Balance is a novel written by author Rohinton Mistry. It is his second novel. This book was published by McClelland and Stewart in 1995. The setting of this novel is unknown as it takes place in an unidentified city in India. A Fine Balance revolves around 4 individuals who come together and form a deep bond. These characters are Dina Dalal, Ishvar Darji, Omprakash Darji, and Maneck Kohlah.

This novel went on to garner the Giller Prize in 1995. This book was also shortlisted for the Booker Prize in the year 1996. This book was selected for the Oprah’s Book Club. It was also one of the few selected books in the 2002 edition of Canada Reads. This book was advocated by actor Megan Follows. This book went on to garner great success. In the year 2014, this book was ranked in The Telegraph as one of the greatest Asian novels of all time.

3. Midnight’s Children

Midnight’s Children is one of the most popular novels in India. This book is penned by Indian-British novelist Salman Rushdie. This book was published by Jonathan Cape, whereas the cover was designed by Bill Botten. Midnight’s Children is a book that describes India’s transition from British rule to Independence and Partition. This book is a postcolonial and post-modern novel.

Midnight’s Children has themes of magical realism, and it is narrated by the protagonist, Saleem Sinai. This book sold over a million copies in the UK alone. It then went on to garner the Booker Prize and James Tait Black Memorial Prize in the year 1981. This book was published in 1981. It also went on to garner the Booker of Bookers prize. Midnight’s Children is a loose allegory that deals with the events after the British Raj and the partition of India.

4. The Great Indian Novel

The Great Indian Novel is a novel that was penned by the former civil servant, diplomat, and politician Shashi Tharoor. This book is a satirical novel that has made the headlines. This book is a fictional work that deals with the story of the Indian epic Mahabharata. It retells the story in the context of the Indian Independence Movement. It also correlates to the first three decades of post-independence.

In this novel, Shashi Tharoor tells the story of Indian democracy and the struggle between groups and people who are related by their political histories. In this book, he also talks about historical figures such as Mohandas Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. The Great Indian Novel sold millions of copies worldwide. It is one of the best pieces of literature and politics in India. This book is highly suggested by the book recommendation website Recz.

5. The Guide

The Guide is an Indian novel written by world-renowned author R.K. Narayan. It is a 1958 novel written in the English language. Just like his other works, this book is set in the fictional town of Malgudi in South India. This book deals with the story of Raju, a tour guide. It tells how he transforms his life and becomes a spiritual guide. By the end of this book, Raju becomes one of the greatest holy men of India.

For this novel, R.K. Narayan received the 1960 Sahitya Akademi Award. This book has been adapted into a movie. It was titled Guide and was released in the year 1965. This movie was directed by Vijay Anand and featured Dev Anand as Raju. It also featured Waheeda Rehman in the lead role of Rosie, Raju’s love interest.

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