Indian literature is one of the oldest and most varied literature in the world. Indian literature spans back to 1000 BCE, with Sanskrit being one of the oldest languages in the world. The literature classics of India span several genres. You can find books written in diverse genres like romance, action, drama, epics, and much more. Out of all the genres, the horror genre stands out of the the crowd. This is due to the fact that there are thousands of myths in India. Every region has its own set of myths and monsters. In today’s blog, we will be taking a deep look at the horror fiction genre. We will explore Indian novels that deal with ghosts, vampires, demons, and monsters. Read on to learn more about the Indian horror novels here:

Indian Horror Novels

Dark Roads of Dehra

If you are looking for a short and spooky read on Kindle, then Dark Roads of Dehra is the best novel for you. This book is penned by the young author Shivam Saxena. Dark Roads of Dehra is an amalgamation of short horror stories. This collection encompasses ten different short stories, each with its unique plots and twists. Most of the horror short stories in this book take place in the area of Dehradun and Mussoorie. It rightly justifies the title. However, there are a few stories that take you to different parts of the world. It is one of the latest horror novels in the history of Indian literature. The Haunted Haveli, Kuldhara, and Stree 2 are some of the best stories from this book.


Judging by the title of this book and its cover, anyone would think that this book is an erotica. However, this book is far from erotic fiction. This book is indeed an Indian horror fiction. Massage is penned by author Arya Narrayan. Once you delve deep into this novel, you will find the element of horror. The protagonist of this novel takes his wife to a massage parlor as she suffers from chronic back pain. However, all hell breaks loose and the couple find themselves spiraling down into the world of something strange and unknown. Ghastly and weird things start to take place in the lives of the couple. This book features entities like demons, ghosts, and other supernatural elements. It is one of the most thrilling books in our list of horror novels.

Mystiq Lynk

Mystiq Lynk is an Indian horror novel penned by author Abhishek S. Malve. The narrative of this horror thriller book ropes in two different worlds together. The plot of Mystiq Lynk is hard to decipher. It is full of suspense. This book has the power to keep the readers on the edge. The narrative of Abhishek Malve’s novel is known to play with emotions. It spreads the feeling of fear, terror, and suspense into the hearts of the readers. Mystiq Lynk is the first book of the Mystiq trilogy written by Abhishek Malve. Mystiq Lynk boasts a complex plot that is full of twists and turns. In the novel, a boy and girl, who are almost the same age and are not related to each other in any manner, come together after a fateful incident takes place in their lives.

The Ghost Wife

The Ghost Wife is an Indian horror story. This novel is penned by author Ravi Rajan Goswami. This book is known for its peculiar and striking vibe. This book is considered pure horror by the readers. The cover image of this book boasts supernatural mysticism. This short novel narrates the unbelievable tale of Princess Madhubala’s ghost. As the story progresses, readers come across new characters and new turns. This book is a decent horror novel. However, it fails to spook the readers. The rural backdrop of the novel manages to break the monotony of the plot. It is a book perfect for young readers. This book is more of a fantasy book than a spooky horror one.

The Shadow on the Wall

The Shadow on the Wall is a fan-favorite novel by author Ruskin Bond. It is a spooky tale that talks about the creatures like ghosts and spirits that go bump in the night. Reading Ruskin Bond’s novels has always been a source of great entertainment for many. This book surely meets the expectations of the readers. This book is a collection of 21 short horror stories. The Shadow on the Wall is published by Aleph Book Company. Even children can read this daunting book by Ruskin Bond. This book features stories like ‘A Face in the Dark,’ ‘The Chakrata’s Cat,’ and Susanna’s Seven Husband. If you want to have a good read, then make sure to read this book. Stories from this book have also been adapted into movies.

If you are an avid reader, then this rich tapestry of good reads will make your day. Get engulfed in the mysterious world of horror with these extraordinary books. Horror does not limit itself to ghosts and spirits. And these books confirm that. So, turn on the AC, grab a blanket and a cup of coffee, and dive into the world of horror with these Recz recommendations.

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