The overarching trend of relying on the digital world to improve our decision-making processes has contributed to the growing connections to the World Wide Web. As per reports, the number of internet users globally stood at 4.9 billion people in 2021, i.e., almost one-third population is connected to the internet, and about half of them base their everyday decisions on feedback, client testimonies, customer comments, and alike. How unbiased are these anonymous feedbacks? How do you search for good testimonials for products you wish to buy or places you want to visit? 

The internet continues transforming how we perceive things, organize data, and share information. Though the growing digital population consumes what they encounter, unrest dominates the section of people looking for tried and tested recommendations. 

The Value of Disaggregated Data

The internet is huge, and so is data. Search for an eagle, and Google shows you 60 species of the giant bird of prey. In a digitally-driven world, most people seek end-user recommendations before making purchases or plans. 5-star ratings, highly recommended products, best-sellers, and must-visit tags commonly garner heavy attention. But how do you find authentic all-inclusive feedback? A place where top recommendations by business leaders, mentors, or peers aid you in scoring the best deals or making the right choices. Hard to find? Not really. Know highly valued recommendations by your peers on varied categories in one place – Recz! 

The Challenge 

From books to coffee and wines to travel, we want to know what’s trending. Most companies provide their product-focused customer feedback – a wine seller shall know about the best-selling wines, or the bookstore owner knows the trending self-help topics. However, in the fast-paced world, when decisions are rapidly made, browsing different places for client testimonials is an arduous task. Moreover, the assurance of their authenticity remains a big question! 

A Place to See What’s Most Recommended

Recz is innovation. It is unique. Know your peers better than ever with their top recommendations for varied categories – wine, travel, books, cosmetics, movies, restaurants, stocks, and more. The highly recommended places and products in distinct categories are available in a single pane of glass. Furthermore, you can too recommend your experiences and let the world know about must-watch documentaries or places to visit this winter. 

With new technologies innovating means of our communication, Recz is backed by the power of fulfilling what every individual wants – tried and tested authentic recommendations. Let’s empower our decision-making with top recommendations from experts , peers , friends & family.

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Download the app today!

  1. I want suggestions for good books. I am an adherent reader and always on a look out for best books.

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