To level up brand strategy, entertain audiences, or seek lucrative business, people on social media post content on diverse topics to win their targeted audiences fittingly. In a world where decisions are made in a flash and heavily depend on automated ad suggestions, influencers, or recommendations from end-user, the role of tried and tested feedback is getting crucial. Amidst the rising demand for meaningful content that adds value and helps you make warranted decisions, identification and easy access to such reliable information on diverse topics is ONE BIG TASK! 

The quantum of content is only getting heavier. From influencers to businesses and individuals, everyone wants to be seen but ends up making a scene of Content Overload. Too much information about one topic and its disintegration not only makes it untraceable but lacks interactivity. Long story short – Recz presents you with recommendations by your friends and family in one organized place. Make meaningful scrolls by accessing curated content on topics like fashion, travel, cosmetics, books, movies, stocks, and more. Your friends and family can post and star-rate their visits to popular places or restaurants, books worth reading, best clothing stores or suggest top spirits shop they’ve been at. 

Recz, a social media application, aims to create a rich bubble of valid recommendations that backs your decision-making process and assures you of your next fool-proof step. The recommendations-based app works on one major principle – to help you access purposeful content on various trending or widely browsed topics in an organized and accessible way. Find all the relevant content by your peers and family in one single pane of glass, boost your plans with valid feedback, and you can post your opinions too. Sounds too good to be true, trust us, it is! 

Sure to become your favorite, Recz assures you an interactive social media engagement replacing your mindless scrolling with content-driven, tried, and tested recommendations on ‘the most searched.’ 

download the app today

Download the app today!

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